Squats with sore legs

Today’s workout:

5×4 Back Squats
5×4 Leg Press
4×4 Standing leg curls
4×4 Leg extensions
4×30 Calves
3×10-15 Sit-ups

Saturday I did 100 burpees in 5:45 min in Trigrad and then on Sunday probably about 10 km hiking, plus some rock climbing. My legs were still sore, but I was strong enough to do 4 sets of 100kg on the squats and 2 reps on the 5th set.

Not sure how that compares to the last time, as today I had mirror in front of me, so I was able to be more strict on the form and it was kind of expected to be weaker after the weekend’s beat down. For the next squats workout, I’m going to try using 102.5.

On the other exercises – I used 50kg on the leg press, 50-60 leg curls, 60-70 leg extensions, 80 for the calves lifts and a 15kg dumbbell for the sit-ups.

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