My first dedicated deadlift day

Few days ago I found a powerlifting gym in my neighborhood. Unfortunately I was able to go there only once, but I picked up some ideas I wanted to try on my own. Today was a deadlift day, so my plan was to do:

5×4 Deadlifts
5×4 Barbell row
4×4 Good mornings
4×4 Dumbbell upright row

Some pull-ups and biceps

My grip started failing me from the warm-up. So I couldn’t really lift as much as I wanted. My deadlift weights were: 120,140,130,130,120,120,120 kgs. As soon as my grip started failing me, I dropped weights.

For the barbell rows I started with 80, which seemed to light and built it up to 100kg.
For the good mornings, I used 40kg and for the rest of the exercises, some random dumbbells.

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