Joined a powerlifting gym

This week I came across a powerlifting gym in my neighborhood. I’ve been struggling to gain strength for almost a year now, so it’s time to see what the powerlifters can help with!

Yesterday was my first powerlifting workout.

2×10 20kg Back Squat
1×8 60kg Back Squat
1×4 80kg Back Squat

5×4 – 100kg Back Squat
4×8-10 – Explosive hack squat
4×12 – Leg extension
4×12 – Standing leg curl

The workout felt pretty different from what I’ve been doing the last few years with CrossFit. My legs are somewhat numb today. The coach promises I would start gaining strength like crazy.

Today I did shoulders.

5×4 – 65kg Shoulder Press
5×8-10 – Shoulder Press Machine
4×8-10 – Dumbbell Deltoid Raise
4×8-10 – Front Barbell Raise

2 exercises 3×10-12 for triceps.

Felt pretty good. My plan is to do the following split:

Day 1: Squat ( + biceps )
Day 2: Shoulder press ( + triceps )
Day 3: Deadlift ( + pull-ups, biceps )
Day 4: Rest
Day 5: Squat ( + pull-ups, abs )
Day 6: Bench Press ( + triceps )
Day 7: Rest

Current Metrics:

Bench Press – 120kg
Back Squat – 120kg
Deadlift – 165kg
Shoulder Press – 80kg

Bodyweight – 83.7kg
Waist – 87.5cm
Biceps – 39.5cm

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